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  2-Way Mirrors
This is not to scare you and certainly not a joke. There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms.
  Caution at Sea
A red flag on any beach in Dubai simply means the sea is too rough and not safe for swimming.
  Scanner Errors
Your days of blissful shopping are over. The efficient scanners at the supermarket counter may not have been fed the right info!
  Email Security
Her user ID was Angel1213 - yet this stranger knew everything about her.
  The Benign Rat
A warning not to ignore those scurrying rats - they leave behind pretty fatal stuff. Be extremely careful to always rinse off the tops of any canned sodas or foods, and wipe off pasta packaging and cereal boxes.
  PO Counters for Eid
Special Post Office Counters have been announced for Eid holidays. More
  Child Safety
Parent alert No matter how Web-literate your kid is, you should still provide guidance. You can't automate good parenting.
  Heart Trouble?
Learn how to help yourself in case your heart stops beating!

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