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Living a meaningful and fulfilling life

It's All In The Way You Perceive Your Life

It is often said that you are what your deep-rooted desires are. You are what you think. By changing your perceptions you can change your sense of reality. To change the perception you need to learn to think positive. For instance, darkness is absence of light. Similarly negative thoughts are absence of positive thoughts. Admittedly, it is difficult to remove negative thoughts from the mind forcibly; easier to cultivate positive thought. In fact, a Yogic Sutra attributed to Patanjali says, "To remove negative thoughts, opposite thoughts should be inculcated." What does - or should - all this mean to you, my dear readers?

To acquire positive health you need to live consciously. Conscious living is nothing but living with the awareness of the present moment and not in the miseries of the past (or in anticipation of the future misery). It is a concept, which should be taught in the school or at an early age.

Conscious living involves conscious eating, conscious listening, conscious understanding, conscious reading, conscious sleeping etc. That means you learn to concentrate on each and every activity throughout the day for the rest of your life.

Conscious eating

Conscious eating is concentrating on eating while eating. Most of us while eating don't concentrate and hence overeats. Eating involves giving importance to all the 10 senses - 5 sensory and the 5 motor during the process of eating. One should enjoy the food and for that all the senses are important.

See the food, see its colour, enjoy its colour; smell the food and enjoy the flavour; touch it and feel the hardness, and while eating taste the food and enjoy it, and listen to the sounds. While eating food one need to satisfy all the 5 senses. This is only possible if one spends time and concentrate on eating. Easiest way to do so to take a mouthful of food and chew it for a minimum 15 times. While chewing food for 15 times, one can enjoy the taste to the fullest. When you do so you will not end up in overeating.

Conscious understanding

Conscious understanding, on the other hand involve hearing, (you hear the facts), listening (you know the reasons), understanding (you have tried it once) and doing (you have incorporated it as part of your life). Conscious understanding does not mean only hearing, it means you have heard a thing, you have reasoned it out, you know the meaning, you have done it yourself and now you have involved it as a part of your life. Simple hearing has no value.

Conscious sleeping

Conscious sleeping on the other hand involves both body and mind relaxation. When you lie down you must provide your body total relaxation. For that you should relax each and every part of the body by concentrating on the process of relaxation stepwise. Once every part of the body is relaxed, you are in a state of complete relaxation. By the time your body is relaxed, mind is completely in a state of silence. The result is that you go to sleep in no time.

If you are living consciously, and made it a part of your life, you try to pick up signals from the nature. For every problem the nature gives you signals in the present. If you are living in the past or future, you tend to miss these signals. To pick up these signals you need to be in the present moment awareness. For example, you are looking for someone for the last 2 days and you are disturbed. You are sitting in a restaurant thinking about that person not realising he is sitting just behind you. As you were not living in the present moment awareness, you missed the chance.

Present moment awareness, therefore, should be the aim of life for everybody. If you live in the present moment awareness, you will not have high BP, diseases of the heart, paralysis and even cancer.

The practical way of learning is first to learn to concentrate, which can be done by learning any of the concentration exercises. Initially, one should exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the time. Once you learn to concentrate, for example, on a pencil then one can go to the second stage where you start giving preference to the present over the past and the future. In this state you do not fight with thoughts but give preference to the intent (the present moment work) over the thoughts. This can be done by observing present moment awareness exercises 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Once you live in the present moment awareness, you are living in a state of undisturbed state of conscious.

The sub-conscious mind, which is the active mind, is suppressed by the disturbed state of consciousness. Spontaneous fulfilment of desires, telepathy and miracles start becoming true when you live in an undisturbed state of consciousness. Present moment awareness or conscious living therefore teaches you how to achieve a silent state of mind or undisturbed state of happiness. Learn it and try it.

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