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A corrective Diet Planner for 2002

We always make resolutions at the beginning of every New Year, the most common one is to eat the right food. Correct eating habits contribute to a great extent to make our skin, hair and body look beautiful. It is very essential to balance the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Here's a list of dos you should promise yourself in your dietary habits this year.

Promise yourself a regular Protein content in your diet

For Vegetarians, protein forms the most essential and crucial component of the diet. It helps growth and repair and replaces the body tissues. Protein is most needed during childhood, puberty and pregnancy, whereas the need in an adult for protein is compara-tively less. Soya beans, cheese, milk, grains, mung, beans, peas, kidney beans, sprouts, etc. are some of the foods heavy in protein as far as vegetarians are concerned. For nonvegetarians, besides the above items, proteins can be found in eggs, fish, and white meat.

Remember you do need fats

Fats are important in the diet. It is very essential to balance the amount of fat intake as it prevents the skin from becoming dry. The fatty deposits in the body helps in protecting the body against cold and preserve the heat. Of course excess fat leads to obesity and indigestion. It is better to eat less red meat and more of poultry and fish. Choose lean meat and remove all visible fat before cooking.

Do not use knife to cut the vegetables and fruits

To ensure that you are getting the important vitamins and minerals (potassium in particular) which generally get destroyed while cooking, it is always better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw. While overcooking the food is simply disastrous, dicing or shredding vegetables or fruits with a knife depletes the vitamin content. So chop them into large slices or break the vegetables into rough pieces. Even though they may not look neat but it will definitely help to preserve the vitamins.

Eat whole grain flour instead of refined flour

You must adapt to wholegrains and cut-out refined flour from your diet. If you want to benefit from the goodness in the original grain, you should buy wholegrain products. The bran - or outer husk - and the inner heart of the grain are removed and the starchy centre remains during the refining process. These are the most nutritious parts of the grain, rich in Vitamin B', protein and fibre.

Concentrate on fibre

We must make sure that we eat plenty of fibre as it is very vital. Fibre is the indigestible carbohydrate found on the outside of foods, concentrated in the peels and rinds of fruits and vegetables and in the outer layers of grains. It is important because it controls and regulates the process of food absorption and enables the food to pass easily and smoothly, protecting against constipation and obesity. Fibre is particularly important for people suffering from bad comp-lexions and dark circles under the eyes.

Replace refined sugar with honey or raw sugar

Replace all refined sugar with either honey or raw sugar, as these contain vitamin B' with other nutrients that are stripped out during the process of sugar refining. Sugar and chocolates are bad for the skin as they clog pores and result in poor skin condition. Give a gloss to your complexion and adopt sugar in raw form or honey.

Reduce salt intake

It is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt, especially those who are suffering from puffiness under the eyes or bloating of the body during menstrual periods.

Drink 8 glasses of water

Water is one of the most essential liquids for the human body. Water helps to drain out the toxins from our body in the form of perspiration and waste. People with dry or too oily complexions should have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Adopt a large breakfast, adequate lunch and a small dinner routine

Of course the most vital exercise of corrective diet is to eat a large breakfast, an adequate lunch and a small dinner so that the protein and energy needs are met in the early part of the day and not concentrated in the last few hours when you are unlikely to be able to digest and absorb the food you eat before going to bed.

Reserve one day for only water, fruits and vegetables

A marvellous way of cleansing your system is to adopt one day when you consume a lot of mineral water, raw fruits and vegetables only. This exercise not only makes you feel and look fresh but it relaxes you. It will release accumulated toxins, regenerate the metabolism and take off weight. The body and the digestive system requires rest from the excesses of an unhealthy life style. On such a fasting, totally skip cigarettes, alcohol and tea or coffee.

Your ability to discipline the above areas will make the skin feel fresh and clear and maintain a glossy and healthy complexion. It only means a little bit of readjustment in your diet but it is definitely worth it.

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