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BMX bike tricks amaze crowds

Bikes do not normally make an appearance up and down Dubai's malls, but Sports Surprises week has given the shopping crowds an amazing sight in the guise of BMX biking master Jono Allen.

Hailing from Manchester, England, 19-year-old Jono has been BMX biking in competition for the past four years, but has only moved on to the entertainment circuit in the past two years. Now in Dubai, exclusively for Sports Surprises week, Jono has already given kids a few new ideas to try out with their own bikes!

“The reaction from the audience has been fantastic and my impression of Dubai is very friendly and welcoming,” says Jono. “I do a number of tricks ranging from 360-degree turns on either the back or front wheel, wheelies, jumps and spins. Some of my tricks involve members of the audience, one of which entails someone lying on the floor whilst I perform jumps between their legs and arms. It's one act that definitely captures the audience's attention!”

Kids can also have a go on the BMX bike, although few would be able to try out any of the tricks performed by Jono, and simply a short ride is enough for most novice bikers.

“We are always looking for new ways to surprise the children,” says Jassim bin Kalban, Member of the Organising Committee for Sports Surprises. “Since biking is such a healthy and fun sport that appeals to all kids, it is not surprising that we should try and include this in some way during Sports Surprises week. The BMX Trickster show is one that has definite mass appeal and pulls in huge crowds in the malls.”

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