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Hitch a submarine ride for a trip 'down under'

"Deep Sea Adventure" is proving to be a popular marine surprise not only for children but adults as well, with about 1,000 persons visiting it daily since it opened to the public at the Airport Expo in Dubai.

The event has been organised as part of the Water Surprises Week from June 27.

Come night and a massive tent at the Expo venue changes into an oceanic scene with sights and sounds of marine life echoing in the ears of its many visitors.

This concept of simulated marine activity has been introduced for the first time in the Dubai Summer Surprises and is part of the Water Surprises activities being organised by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority as part of the DSS 2002.

The adventure comprises a submarine ride for children in a simulated marine atmosphere that features creatures of the deep like killer "Orca" whales, white and tiger sharks, octopuses, dolphins, giant turtles, manta rays, dragon fish, coral reefs and jellyfish, said Socrate Abdalla, managing director of Unique Concept, which has organised this show.

This is an entertaining and informative way of educating children and adults too about the marine environment and teaching them to respect creatures of the sea," said Abdalla.

He said the visitors are taken aboard a submarine and as the vessel moves off, the captain begins to describe the sea and its creatures in three languages - Arabic, English and Hindi.

The entire Deep Sea Adventure lasts between three to four minutes and takes visitors to the depths of the simulated ocean, where they even get to hear the sounds of speech of the underwater creatures including the happy cries of whales.

Adding to the reality of the underwater world is the sight of shipwrecks which remind the visitors of the numerous old ships and steamers that sank to the bottom of the sea hundreds of years ago, while a beautiful mermaid resting on a rock brings to mind the tales of sailors, he said.

Abdalla said the entire activity is focused under a tent which is air-cooled, while computers simulate the underwater sights and sounds in a realistic manner that provides the impression of an underwater voyage.

He said setting up the deep sea adventure activity took about 20 days and visitors are charged a nominal fee of Dhs3 per person for both adults and children. This activity will continue till the end of the summer surprises with a new theme being introduced every week.

Three Pakistani children, who were the first travellers on the submarine journey, described their ride as "fantastic." Hyder, 9, Kumayl, 4, and Mujtaba, 4, expressed their delight at the underwater adventure and said they were looking forward to experiencing the ride again.

Courtesy: Gulf Today

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