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Stop hair fall!

Stop hair fall! There are many beauty-related problems, but they differ from person to person. However if there is one problem that is common to almost all individuals( read that as Asians) here, it is the hair fall problem. Most of the letters that I receive are concerning hair loss. Therefore let's devote this issue to tackle this problem alone.

I would suggest all of you to just relax and read this article carefully and follow my treatment, as they are really very beneficial and will definitely solve your problem.

First and foremost understand what the hair needs. For healthy and beautiful hair, the roots require nourishment and good circulation. A diet rich in iron, iodine and Vitamin B complex is a must. Iodine improves the circulation of blood to the scalp, which feeds the hair follicle.

Foods that are rich in iron are liver, meat, green vegetables and egg yolk. Thus, a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, fresh air, exercise, tension-free mind and a good hair care programme will benefit the hair.

Begin with a good Diet
Are you making a conscious effort to eat food that is good for your hair? Eat plenty of salads, green vegetables, eggs, cheese, liver, fresh fruits, cottage cheese, fish, nuts and drink a minimum of eight glasses of water.

Drinking plenty of water helps to get rid of the body wastes. Good supplements are Brewers Yeast powder in juice, soup or water (one tablespoon of yeast powder) or two tablets taken before meals and even wheatgerm and liver tablets.

Exercise is a must
You must allot at least 10 minutes a day to simple exercise like toe touching or skipping as exercise helps the body to function well and improve the blood circulation.

Don't forget 8 glasses of water. You need to get at least seven to eight hours of continuous and undisturbed sleep.

Have a peaceful night sleep
We must not forget that night sleep is the healthiest sleep and make up the hours in the afternoon. You can never compensate, so don't fool yourself. You are always tense after an afternoon nap and so get on with your reading or music or watch television.

We get unduly worried if we see hair in our combs and jump to the conclusion that we will get bald. This is totally a negative thought, which should be tackled calmly. Have an herbal tea - camomile tea will relax you. Normal hair loss is at least 60 per day but more than that is abnormal.

Use a mild shampoo
Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo if you have the habit of washing frequently. Check for dandruff. If you have dandruff problem, it is important that you shampoo your hair every two days. Shampoo wet hair and rinse it off with vinegar. Give a final rinse with clear running water.

Do not brush wet hair
Comb hair with a clean comb every day. The comb's teeth should be round. Do not brush wet hair as the hair has a tendency to stretch and weaken. Brush your hair only when it is completely dry and start from the scalp, as the sebaceous gland is at the roof of each hair.

Weekly oil massage with marrow oil is very effective
A weekly oil massage with a specially formulated oil is particularly effective if the bone marrow treatment seems to be a troublesome procedure - although I can tell you that the marrow oil has given good results to almost all who have tried it, keeping in mind the other aspects of controlling hair fall.

The oil is made from 200gms coconut oil, 25gms methi seeds, 2 teaspoons henna powder or leaves and 100gms of green pumpkin. Soak all the above ingredients overnight and the next morning, cook on a slow fire for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and store for a day and then start using it. This controls hair fall and promotes hair growth. Steam your hair with a towel before using this oil. This will help to open the pores so that the oil can penetrate the scalp. Massage the oil - starting from the nape of the neck and work with circular finger movements firmly on the scalp, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Leave overnight and shampoo off the next day.

Massaging the scalp twice a week plays a very important role in strengthening the hair, improving the hair condition and thickening it. Massage is a technique, which has to be learned. The aim of massaging is to stimulate the blood circulation, thus promoting hair growth. You can use the above oil for massaging.

Hair fall is generally due to influenza, anxiety, sudden shock, childbirth, hormonal change, excessive antibiotics, certain drugs or a prolonged illness. Observe the basic rules to help your hair and the problems would soon be put right.

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