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Turbo-Charge Your Treadmill Walk

Want an easy way to shape your lower half and send your calorie burn into the stratosphere?
All it takes is a button to boost your walking walkouts.

Decrease Your Rest Periods
Once you've integrated harder and slower intervals, shorten the time between them. If you do an occasional ‘burst' every five minutes, whittle them down to every thirty seconds. Try a few ‘back to back' bouts. This means extending the time on a given interval.

Shorten Your Session
It's not necessary to walk for 45 minutes. Shave off time by maximising intensity. It's fine to have shorter weekly workouts of 15 to 20 minutes as long as you really go for it. Walk faster throughout and include more intervals.
Up the pace

If you're ambling along at 3mph, jump gears and go up to 3.5 or 4mph. If you can't retain the pace, slow down a notch and find a pace where you are pushing past your comfort zone, maintaining a steady, yet faster speed.

Play with pace
Once you're walking faster, manipulate your efforts by moving more swiftly for short bursts. The more high intensity bouts you include, the longer you will be able to keep a faster pace overall. These burst will also burn more calories than if you stick to a steady pace. The interval should initially last for ten seconds, then work up to longer periods. Remember, if you're able to keep the pace for five minutes, then it's no longer interval training – you've basically improved your overall pace.

Pump up the volume
If you're fit enough, then commit to super-intense anaerobic workouts. Although the body always uses fats and carbohydrates for fuel during exercise, a super-charged burst shifts the ratio of fuels used to favour a higher concentration of carbs. That does not imply a reduced fat burn though. You are actually burning more because the overall calorie burn is increased by 50 per cent. So if you can, include effort intervals to blast out of the aerobic training range.

Courtesy: Aquarius

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