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Breathe for Life

Everyone wants to achieve more success, better health, intense happiness and infinite peace. But what prevents us from achieving these qualities in our lives? Believe it or not - it's our self-inflicted stress.

Most people are unaware of the degree to which stress is unduly influencing their lives. People learn to cope with stress in their own limited ways and settle for short-term happiness and solutions instead of experiencing the profound joy and inner peace that is within everyone's reach.

The effects of stress and depression on physical and mental health are well known and have been proven to be mitigating factors in the progression of illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma.

Through a six-day course called The Art of Living, you can experience and learn to develop the full potential of life with an emphasis on conscious holistic living and personal self-development. It is about the connection between the mind, emotions and the breath.

This internationally acclaimed programme that cuts across the barriers of sex, nationality, culture and belief, is the combination of the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. The Art of Living teaches you to be able to see and feel for yourself - your real self. It trains you to search within yourself to attain the right attitude towards life.

The Art of Living in headed in Dubai by Mrs Rugmani Prabhakar. Sessions are conducted in different parts of Dubai as well as in other areas of the Emirates, catering to all segments of the society. “Life is very simple, but we complicate it beyond words,” says Rugmani.

True potential
Most of us are happy as long as favourable circumstances exist around us and everything runs smoothly. But the moment we are faced with a little misery or misfortune our responses change, we get upset and depressed. We easily forget all the good things that have happened and tend to focus on the negative incidents that cause our unhappiness.

This gives rise to stress, which gets stored as toxins in the body and manifests itself as negative emotions in the mind.

We need to do a regular cleansing process within ourselves to remove all the stress and toxins from our system and bring clarity and focus to the mind. The Art of Living offers practical tools to eliminate stress and tap into our true potential. The techniques and tools learned bring greater peace, energy, awareness and joy to daily life.

A key component of the course is the Sudarshan Kriya or Healing Breath Technique, a simple but powerful technique that utilises the breath to eliminate emotional toxins and brings the body, mind and emotions into harmony with the inner self.

Systematic or rhythmic breathing explores and opens up all the stored emotions and helps to dissolve the negative aspects that have been stored in the body as toxins. Over 80 per cent of the physical and emotional toxins in the body are eliminated through breath, yet most people use only 35 per cent of their lung capacity.

Skillful use of breath changes the biorhythms of the body and improves both the endocrine and immune system functions. The ancient science of breath is a 7,000 year-old system, one of the first systems to address the interaction of mind, emotions and spirit as being significant in the restoration and maintenance of vibrant health.

People who have attended the Art of Living course have shared their experiences with others and are enthusiastic and above all positive about the benefits it affords. With a regular practice of 15-20 minutes a day, they have found a vast improvement in physical and mental energy bringing about a fundamental improvement in their health, state of mind and relationships with others.

Sudarshan Kriya is not therapeutic in nature but is said to have helped many people with chronic diseases such as epilepsy, asthma and paralysis.

The practice uses unique rhythms of breath, calms the mind and produces a profound emotional and physical cleansing as every cell in the body becomes oxygenated and enlivened.

The practice has also been shown to produce dramatic results in the receptivity of the mind for children and adults alike. Generally, it has been observed that in a lecture that lasts for 10 minutes, we actually only listen to the first three minutes. The remaining seven minutes are spent thinking about what has been said in the first minute.

After practising this simple breathing exercise, the listening process is said to improve by 200 per cent. That is why a number of schools in India have introduced this exercise among students to improve their receptivity and ability to listen for longer.

This kriya has also proved helpful in sharpening the concentration and alertness of the mind. It helps to bring the mind, body and emotions into harmony with the inner self.

Various other techniques are taught that include programmes such as yoga postures, guided meditations and other group processes, to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

For further information and enquiry contact Mrs Rugmani Prabhakar on 050-6518627.

Courtesy: Aquarius

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