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Quit Smoking
A campaign for the New Year

check out our tip for todayDr. Jerome Murrays's advice for parents
Day by day smoke-out process
Surfers Respond

Question of the Week (23 Dec - 1 Jan)
Are you an ex-smoker? Do you have any friends or relatives who have successfully kicked the habit? Share the experience with us and help others quit too.

At first glance quitting seems simple; all you have to do is never smoke again, right? Too bad it never quite works that way.

The most important thing to remember is that you can do it. Every day, thousands of people like you succeed. So don't get discouraged. It took time to learn how to smoke; it's going to take time to learn how to stop also. And once you stop, you'll find your body responds with some immediate changes. Not only will you feel better you will also look better. Since smoking stains your teeth, gives out stale breath and cause wrinkles under the eye, the sooner you quit, the better. After quitting your bank balance becomes healthier and your confidence also soars. Few things compare to the sense of satisfaction you get when you quit smoking. If you can handle quitting smoking, you can handle just about anything. (pic courtesy:

The Gradual recovery from the addiction

Two Hours After Quitting.
Nicotine begins to leave your system. Some people may feel withdrawal pangs. This is a good sign. Your body is cleaning itself out. Hang in there. Within two days all the nicotine by-products will be gone.

After Six Hours.
Heart rate and blood pressure decrease (although it may take up to a month for them to return to their normal rates).

After Twelve Hours.
The carbon monoxide is completely out of your system. Your lungs work more efficiently and you can do more without becoming short of breath.

After Two Days.
Your sense of taste and smell sharpen. In addition, your breath, hair , fingers and teeth will be cleaner.

After One Week.
Most withdrawal symptoms are completely gone.

After Two Weeks.
Your circulation improves. So does your confidence level because you feel good about your progress. You begin to think of yourself as a non smoker.

One To Nine Weeks.
Your body's overall energy level increases. Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease.

Within Two Months.
Blood flow improves to your hands and feet, keeping them warmer. Your skin looks healthier.

Within Three Months.
The cilia (a hair-like cleaning system in the lungs) begin to recover and remove the mucous, so you can cough it up, cleaning your lungs and reducing the chance of infection. You may notice increased coughing for a few days.

After A Year.
Your risk of lung cancer is reduced and you have less risk of heart disease. Fifteen years after quitting, the risk approaches that of someone who has never smoked.
The question for the week
Tips To Quit Smoking
  • Whenever you encounter a smoker who is seeking help, give your experience, strength, and hope- 30/12/99
  • Before lighting up, ask yourself "How much do I really need this cigarette?"- 29/12/99
  • Do not think of yourself as a smoker trying to quit. Think of yourself as a non-smoker and you soon will be- 28/12/99
  • Identify when you are most likely to smoke. You can better prepare to handle the urge to smoke- 27/12/99
  • Plan activities that do not permit smoking-26/12/99
  • Change your routine- It will definitely help- 25/12/99
  • Chew, bite or suck - to substitute- 23/12/99
  • There are better companions than cigarettes- 21/12/99
  • Pray instead of puff- 20/12/99
  • Avoid drinking alchohol while you are quitting- 19/12/99
  • If you have a problem and you smoke, then you have two problems- 18/12/99
  • Understand that smoking will not solve any of your problems-16/12/99
  • Any discomforts you experience in the begining will ease with time and abstinence- 15/12/99
  • If you are not going to quit right away, try cutting down- 14/12/99
  • Keep trying- The only way you can lose is by ceasing to try- 13/12/99
  • There is no perfect time to start preparing to quit- 12/12/99
  • Think of reasons why you want to quit rather than why you cannot quit- 11/12/99
  • Open your life to new approaches and new possibilities. It will defenitly help- 9/12/99
  • Understand that addiction is a chemically compelled behaviour- 8/12/99
  • Understand that you do not need nicotin- 7/12/99
  • Consider quitting as a challenging adventure- 6/12/99
  • Look at it as giving yourself a free gift- 5/12/99
  • Quit for yourself- 4/12/99
  • Consider quitting as an investment-2/12/99
  • Believe- It is not as hard as you think-1/12/99

Question of the Week (28 Nov - 5 Dec)
Are you an ex-smoker? Do you have any friends or relatives who have successfully quit smoking? Share the experience with us and help others quit too. submit and win!
Name :
City :
Age :
Your Comments :

The quit-smoking tip for the day
Surfers Respond

M.Nadeem, Dubai, 27
I am not an ex-smoker but trying my best to kick the habit though without any positive results so far. My decision to quit smoking during Ramadan having failed, I am quite resolute to make it happen at least for the New Year. I have colleagues and relatives who have been successful in kicking the habit. But they all did it just impulsively and without any pre-plans. It was like one fine morning they decided that they would not smoke and have not till date. So I feel that quitting the habit is not a gradual process but happens at the spur of a moment.

Response to the previous question- If somebody (known or unknown) smokes in your presence, how would you react?

Mashaal, Dubai, 13
Ask the smoker to stop as it not only affects the health of the smoker but also of others who inhale the smoke.

Sharmila, Sharjah, 32
I would brandish/wave my hands in front of my face or in the air to signal that it is not welcome. Anybody who has any decency left in him will either extinguish his cigarette or go out of the room.

Sameer.k.m, Dubai, 25 (Winner)
If the person is somebody close to me I would take him to a calm and quiet place. Then I would first try to find out how and when he got into the habbit. Finally I will tell him that there are millions of people in the world who don't smoke, yet enjoy life as much as he does. I will make him aware of the alarming facts about the harms caused to innocent lives around us by making them passive smokers. Any smoker who wishes to spoil his health and life does not have the right to jeopardize the health of innocent people around him. Even your unborn child can be affected by your smoking habit. Three of my friends in the college gave up smoking because of my influence.

Dimple Bhatt, Sharjah, 23 (Winner)
Make him or her count the average daily expense of his smoking and then multiply it with the total number of days in a year. Convince him that he could have almost bought a second-hand car by that money.

Anamika Ashar, Dubai, 23
If it is a person known to me then I would directly ask him to stop smoking giving him the appropriate reasons. If it is someone unknown, then I would either immediately leave the place or try indirect methods to let the person know how uncomfortable I feel. If he still does not get the hint, then I will request him directly to stop smoking.

Sukheja, Dubai, 13
Request the person to stop smoking, reason being one will get breathing problems and moreover it is harmful for his or her health also.

Roopa Savant, Dubai, 25
I would tell him it is better to stop now as once you get married and have children you are going to poison them slowly and also encourage them to copy you. So stop now.

Mohamed Alaa, Dubai, 17
I would just tell him, "Sorry, can you please throw it away? I am allergic to smoke."

Bina.U, Dubai, 30
I would gesture politely to him in such a way that the smoker gets my message and start thinking that smoking is injurious to his health and also to others around him.

Mukesh, Abu Dhabi, 19
The best way to make someone stop smoking is to show him/her the lungs of a chain smoker. It looks so disgusting that anybody would have to think a million times before taking the next puff.

K.R.Rajendran, Dubai, 39
Request him to stop smoking and move away from the place.

Response to the second question- If your teenage child is found smoking, what would you do?

Dr.Jerome Murray speaks

Dr. Murray is a clinical psychologist and a recognised expert on relationships and interpersonal communication.

Establish a relationship with your children that makes them feel "my parents love and want me." Live a life you would be proud to have them imitate. In other words, don't smoke. Children wish to imitate parents if they feel loved and wanted by those parents. They wish to go against their values if they do not feel loved and wanted. It is not enough for the parents to say "We love and want our children", the child must feel it.

Sharmila Dalal, Sharjah, 32
To start with, Parents should try to find out the root of the problem. He/she is perhaps trying to emulate his favourite idol may it be Ricky Martin or his own Dad. Secondly he may be doing it to be better accepted by his chums in school/college who think smoking is Peppy. Whatever the reasons are he should not be admonished straight away but taken into confidence. He should be explained the adverse effects of smoking in such a way that he himself will start loathing it. Cancelling his pocket money etc will only lead to him getting into stealing, borrowing etc. If confronted in a harsh way he is going to take it as nagging or cribbing and become even more reluctant to leave it. We should handle him with kid gloves and be very specific in telling him that we love him and it is his smoking that we hate. So folks give them LOVE to make them HATE smoking.

Haresh, Dubai, 42
If my son is found smoking I would explain to him the harmful effects of smoking or just tell him calmly that it is not good to smoke.

Hetal.N.Vakiani, Abu Dhabi, 15- (Winner)
If my teenage child is found smoking I would surely sit with him, make hime feel as my friend first. Then I would take him to people who are currently suffering from the after effects of smoking. By this way I would be able to make him realise that what he is doing is wrong and he will himself stop and I need not force him too. After this I am sure he will never touch cigarette a kind way indeed.

Ziad Jabi, Dubai, 13
I think that he should be taken to the police station and warned that if he is caught again, he will be either fined or punished.

Response to the first question
What is the best way to compel your partner to quit smoking?

Rakesh, Dubai, 40
The best way in my opinion is to start smoking in front of your partner. In this way either he or she stops smoking if he/she LOVES you. One can also judge the affection towards each other.

Abbas Moiz Sura, Sharjah, 18
The most effective way to compel your partner to quit smoking is to tell him about his future and make him believe that people die with lung cancer and make him understand with love and care.

Hussain, Dubai, 43- (Winner)
1. Instill in your partner the Burning Desire to quit smoking.
2. By motivating him/her to set a goal - which is practical, positive, personal, time-bound measurable and flexible. Visualize that he has already achieved his goal and has given up smoking - because whatever the sub-conscious mind initially conceives, it ultimately achieves. Therefore if you feed in a positive thought in your mind then your result is definitely going to be a positive one.
3. Relaxation - with the help of an audio cassette which is available with me, the relaxation technique takes you into an alpha state where the person tenses and relaxes his whole body one part at a time from head to toe with deep breathing.

Rohit Gopi, Abu Dhabi, 18 (Winner)
The most effective way to quit smoking is to lock the person in a room full of cigarrettes just for a night. Then let him smoke how much ever he can. Once this is done and the desire is fulfilled the person will naturally begin detesting cigarrettes and it will be noticed that the person will hate the word CIGARETTE.

Fatema, Sharjah, 20
Try eating vegetables. It will help.

Safder Ali, Dubai, 33
Take your partner to the cancer hospital and show him the patients suffering from cancer because of this habit.

Khurshid Mohit, Sharjah, 32 (Winner)
I helped my husband quit it even though he was a very light smoker. I refused to give him my tight smooches and I strongly stuck with it. I stood adamantly by my rule - cigarette taste - no kisses. No cigarette - lots of kisses . The magic worked

Manjula Menon Shelke, Dubai, 35 (Winner)
For every day that your partner forgets his/her promise and smokes, keep your child at home and don't send him to school. Tell your partner that the child is being teased about the cigarette smell that emanates from his clothes and is going through trauma because of this . Do it for two days and he may decide to quit. For every day he quits give him a thank you hug and kiss from the whole family.

Sharmila Dalal, Sharjah, 32
In order to help them quit smoking, they should be charged for every cigarette they light.If not the adverse effects, the money draining away will make them think twice. Of course, for a couple of days till they really quit, an unlit cigarette between their fingers can be allowed to give them whichever look they want!!

Prakash Philips, Dubai, 17
Help him to realise the harmful effects of smoking like lung cancer and other respiratory problems.

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