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Visa Queries From Surfers

a street-smart guide to Dubai
My husband has recently got his labout approval and entered the country with the employment visa. Now he has signed the labour contract.Kindly explain how to proceed further for getting me a husband sponsor visa.We are Indians.I heard that we need to get the Sworn affidavit from the Indian counsalte here. What are all the documents required for getting that and whether it is required that the marriage certificate is to be attested. Please clarify. How long time it will take to finish all the works done.
Generally, your husband's company will help with all the formalities for procuring residence visa for you. Your husband should be earning Dhs 4000 per month without accommodation or Dhs 3000 with accommodation to sponsor you for residence visa. The documents required are:
1.Attested marriage certificate duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2.Sworn affidavit from your Consulate.
3.Passport copy of spouse
4.Original and passport copy of sponsor (your husband)
5.Original labour contract and copy of sponsor (your husband).
After your husband submits the above at Dubai, it will normally take 1 week or so at the most to obtain residence visa for you. He can fax a copy of the residence visa to you to India, this you have to produce at the airport on landing in Dubai. They will compare the copy with the original. (Your husband should have submitted earlier the original residence visa to the airport on the day you arrive)
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Anna Willott
I am writing to you in the need of some help. I am an 18 year old student from the UK, and I am taking a year out from my studies. My boyfriend who I have been with for 3 years has got a job in Dubai, on a English radio station. He is coming out straight away in the next few weeks. I want to come with him, but need sponsership, therefore I was wondering if you could help me? I have looked into getting a visa, which I might have to do, if I can't get a job over the net. But the visa's don't last long. Please could you reply to me, asap, with any details and information that you could provide.
Since you are a UK citizen, you can obtain a visa at the airport itself on landing in Dubai. Once you are here, you can look for jobs as a secretary, receptionist, telemarketing, provided you have the necessary skills required for the job. Regarding employment visa, your employer has to sponsor you for that. Your boyfriend cannot sponsor you for residence visa, unless you marry him. An expat can sponsor his spouse and children, according to rules here.
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Rob Peregoodoff
I am from Canada and I have just been offered employment at the Dubai Men's College. My girlfriend would like to come to Dubai with me at the start of my contract in January. How long can she stay? Can I sponsor her to stay and look for work in Dubai, and if she's succesful, would she be able to stay? She is a Spanish, German, and English instructor here in Canada.
Once you obtain your employment visa, you can sponsor your spouse for residence in UAE, if you are earning more than Dhs 4000 per month. Your spouse can subsequently look for employment here. She will then be on husband's visa (sponsorship - that's the way it is referred here!). Her employer may also be willing to sponsor a separate work visa for her, it is entirely up to her employer. You cannot sponsor your girlfriend, sorry, only spouses allowed. Sorry!
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Anders Wickberg
What are the requirements for business visa as well as employment visa when entering Dubai? In our company, both US and Indian citizens work. Do procedures differ?
You either enter Dubai on a visit visa or an employment visa. American citizens can enter Dubai without obtaining a visa in advance. Their visa will be stamped at immigration on landing at Dubai airport. Indian citizens have to obtain a visa in advance. Employment visa is obtained on getting a job here in Dubai. The formalities for obtaining visa are generally fulfilled by the employer.
Roberto Viernes
I am drawing a salary of Dhs.4500. Am I eligible to sponsor my brother-in-law and his wife for visit visa?
Generally, immediate relatives like parents, spouse's parents, brother/sister, sister's husband, brother's wife, spouse's brother/sister etc are granted visit visas. It depends on individual case. But you are eligible to sponsor people for visit visas.
How long are the visas granted for at the airport? If it varies, what is the range? What is the typical amount of time visa is granted for? Can it be easily extended?
Visa rates may vary from airline to airline. Emirates Airlines charges $14 for stopover visa upto 96 hours, tourist visa for 45$ upto 30 days or visit visa for 45$ upto 60 days.
Khalid Ansari
Someone told me that they only give 7 day visa at the airport. But I would like to spend 4 weeks in Dubai. Does it mean mean I have to apply for a visa after 3 weeks?
It depends on the airline you are travelling in. For example, Emirates Airlines gives stopover visas (valid for 96 hours), tourist visas (30 days) and visit visas (60 days). An UAE resident can also sponsor your visit visa
Leonard Martin
I am a Permanent Resident of Canada holding an Indian passport. Do I still need a visitor's visa to visit Dubai.
Yes, you need to. Only Canadian citizens can get their visit visas stamped at Immigration on arrival at Dubai airport.
Rajesh Ashar
Is it true that European Union visitors getting their visas on arrival for 60 days?
Yes, visitors from 22 European countries can get their visit visas stamped at Immigration on arrival at Dubai airport.
Akbar Khan
My younger brother is working in Dubai and drawing a total salary of Dhs.4000. Can my brother sponsor for me a visit visa ? For how long can I stay ? And How much it cost my brother?
Yes, your brother can sponsor you. It will cost him Dhs 100 to obtain a visit visa. Please look at the details given alongside.
I plan to go to Abu Dhabi. How do I get a visit visa in Taipei, Taiwan?
You will need a local sponsor for a visit visa. Please look at the details given alongside.
I need to sponsor my mother. Will I need a sworn affidavit?
Yes, you would need one from your consulate/embassy. Check out the telephone numbers here.

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