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Learn Smarter and not Harder.

Schools and colleges tell students what to learn. But, sadly, rarely do they teach them how to learn. As a result far too many students spend far too much time studying and producing much less than they could otherwise with proper guidance in Accelerated Learning Techniques that work.

Why Learn?
I was once attending a function at the inauguration of a very expensive educational complex. There was a beautiful panel above the stage. On that panel was the motto of the institution. The words were "Education is a Learning Game." The letters were stuck on the panel above, using thermocol cut-out letters and glue. At the crucial moment of inauguration, ONE letter from the panel fell down because the glue could not hold it. The letter unfortunately was "L". It read 'Education is an earning game', a message of embarrassment to all concerned in the hall.

But, today, LIFE-LONG learning has become the only way to succeed and even survive in the world. Education is really an earning game not only with reference to wealth, but also in regards to name, fame, success and peace of mind. This is especially so, if that education is based also on character.

We all know that there was a time when men earned livelihood by the power of their muscles during the Stone Age and agricultural age. Thereafter when the industrial era dawned, the work usually done by the muscles of the workmen was taken over by the power of the machine and the rest of the work was done by the human mind supporting the machine. Today in the information era the main source of livelihood for most working people is what is in their brains viz. what they have learned to do.

In the coming era of communication the main assets of people will be what they know and the success will depend on how well they are able to communicate what they know.

Bill Gates the richest man in the world, was asked by a journalist "What are your assets"? He replied "My assets are between my ears".

Learning is Earning
Intellectual properties and ideas are sold today at a higher price than many manufactured items. The wealth in this information era is in the form of knowledge and in the next millennium the emphasis will be on communication of these ideas for the benefit of humanity. The Internet is just a tiny beginning in the explosion of human knowledge and information. I remember reading a statement from a great thinker of this modern age who said "the world today has only 1% of knowledge compared to what it will have in the next 50 years". Things and ideas our forefathers never even dreamt about are daily essentials for us. The speed of such change will be faster in the next decade and our children will see and use knowledge and utilities we have not dreamt of. It may sound humbling to us, but this is the future reality.

Life-long learning is the only way to keep our employability intact. The competition will force it on us all. So learn everything that will matter and earn everything you wish to earn.

to be continued next week..

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