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In Harmony with Nature

How to reduce waste?
Undoing the harm done to nature is the urgent need of the day. Growth has to be balanced with conservation. By preserving nature, we will be paying the highest tribute to earth, the barer of all life forms and our supreme mother.

Generation of garbage and other wastes and the resultant pollution has had a very harmful impact on the environment. Over 50% of the UAE's household waste consists of organic matter, including food and garden wastes, 22% paper waste, and the rest consists of glass, metal and plastic.
Did you know the lifespan of some of these common wastes?

Chewing gum5 years
Aluminium can10 to 100 years
Plastic lighter100 years
Plastic bottle100 to 1000 years
Disposable diaper500 years
plastic bag 100 to 1000 years
Polystyrene1000 years
Plastic cards1000 years
Glass bottle5000 years
How can we reduce our negative impact on nature and the environment?

(Text courtesy: Emirates Environmental Group)

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