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The Judas Kiss

The sensuous clink of white ice against glass, as it plops deliciously into the golden yellow liquid, hands sporting diamond rings reach out and curl with practiced familiarity around the slender stem of the wine glass..

The chest- up- shoulder- back stately walk slowly turns to an inebriated stagger and the clipped tones gradually turn to a pronounced slur.

A sip, the initial drop in the name of social drinking.
A peg to keep a friend company.
A second to cheer another who joins the crowd.
A third and a fourth to accompany the food.
A fifth and a sixth to add the benedictial finesse to the gourmet.

By then, the tenuous veneer of sybaritic living, status symbol and other like connotations that leech themselves to a Bacchanalian feast would have gradually worn off to reveal the delicate practiced curling turning to a desperate grip on the glass. The chest-up-shoulder-back stately walk would have turned to an inebriated stagger and the clipped tones that bespeak an important businessman would have slowly turned to a pronounced slur.

When you get tipsy and have a hangover, when you can't do without " just one more peg", then there is more to alcohol than meets the eye.

The Alcohol Industry never fails to feed you those "not cent- percent- sure" medical claims that no scientist will dare to individually attest.

They will advertise that alcohol, when consumed moderately lowers the mortality rate. (They won't tell you that most people who start on alcohol begin moderately and end up becoming alcoholics. They would hate somebody who warned you that 1 out of every 5 teenager who drinks, becomes an alcoholic. )
The Alcohol barons will not let you forget that moderate alcohol consumption reduces heart and cardiovascular diseases. (But they'll help you forget that if you're drunk and tipsy, an accident could kill you faster than any heart or other cardiovascular diseases because one drink is sufficient to impair your ability to drive. Meanwhile, someone in the world is killed in an alcohol crash every 30 minutes. By the way, you could get an enlarged heart, if the alcohol level shot up. Moreover, it never occurs to them that the damage to the liver could be worse.)
Recently, the alcohol industry also targeted women, telling them that moderate wine consumption is not associated with increased risk of breast cancer. (Their reports will not tell you how much is moderate. They would also hope that women never hear of the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, which is one of the three most prevalent birth defects and the only preventable one.)
They will never tell you that alcohol appears in the bloodstream within 5 minutes after ingestion and reaches its highest blood-alcohol level in 30-60 minutes.
Short Term Effects Are Conveniently Forgotten:
When the alcohol industry takes it upon itself to mislead you into thinking that this drink has extraordinary benefits, it won't reveal anything about the consequent dizziness, loss of coordination, lack of balance, impairment of brain and nervous system functions, blurred vision, slurred speech, sudden mood swings, vomiting, high blood pressure, irregular pulse, enlarged heart, unconsciousness, memory impairment or uncharacteristic violence that you're likely to feel.
Long Term Effects are not even discussed:
Severe swelling, inflammation, cirrhosis or cancer of the liver, sexual impotence, painful ulcers of the stomach and small intestine, vitamin deficiencies, loss of muscle tissue, inflammation of the pancreas, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, heart and blood disorders, high cancer risk, birth defects, lung disease, brain damage, enlarged heart, depression, and even subsequent death are consequences of alcohol consumption.

When a person finally becomes an alcoholic and suffers from withdrawal symptoms, the alcohol industry will just wash its hands of him and say, " We recommended moderation".

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