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Balcony Gardening


Balcony gardening Water garden

Living in apartments need not rob you from a lovely garden. Yes in this hot climate it takes a bit more of experimenting and learning what is feasible, to create and maintain a lovely garden. A balcony can become a focal point for color and relaxation for the entire family if there are some lovingly tended to plants. The opportunities in balcony gardening are many. It also includes container-grown herbs and vegetables.
A simple water Garden is a peaceful accessory to your balcony. Turn your balcony into a suburban landscape in miniature above the ground.

Before starting off with your balcony gardening, you should evaluate the amount of sun that your balcony gets during different parts of the day. Toward which direction does the balcony face? Note how much sun the area receives and for how long. If the balcony is recessed, does direct sunlight reach it at all? If the situation is very open, will you and your plantings be subjected to buffeting winds and scorching sunlight? These questions have to be accurately answered before putting lot of money in to the project. If your balcony has too much sun shine, maybe you could consider blinds. This can also be useful when you feel like a bit of privacy in your balcony.

Did you know that there is a limit to the weight that your balcony can hold? So be sure to keep safety in your mind while setting up your balcony garden .It is better to use a lightweight growing media which can reduce weight by up to 60% over standard garden soil. Heavy containers are a strict no no. you should in turn use plastics and cedar wood pots.

 Be adventurous
Your balcony might be just the place that could gibe lots of relaxations, entertainment and of course satisfaction and pride. Gardening takes effort, but the charm that they add to the house and accolade that you will receive from visitors to your house will make it worthwhile. Go ahead and make you balcony your backyard. In different seasons you could change the plants, change the arrangement and thus create for yourself an experience.

Container Water Garden
Towards the balcony gardening, a great idea is a simple water garden. Even if you are living in a villa and have a water garden dug into the ground, complete with pond liners and such, Pond in the Pot is a great plus.
Water garden in a pot is a very versatile project. It requires little maintenance and doesn't take up much space. It will take you very little time to set it up also.

Let's see how we can set up an easy water garden.

First you need a large water tight pot. This could be got from any nursery or even specialist stores. As this is the base of your water garden it is better to make this container as attractive as you can. If you are artistically inclined, you could even paint some motifs on the container. Otherwise you could just buy an attractive container from your favorite shop. Half barrels are a great size, and many garden centers now sell them with plastic liners as easy water garden kits.

The aquatic plants in your water garden will need to sit on a platform. You could create this platform with either an upside down container weighed down with a brick, or even bricks alone. But this might become too heavy, so it is better to create the platform with some lighter material. You will get black, gray and cream color stones that could make abed of sorts for your plants. This would give the water garden a colorful look to it.

Once the shelf is also ready, you need to simply fill the container with water and arrange whatever aquatic plants that pleases you into the container.

Your water garden is almost ready. Do you like the sound of water falling?. Then you could add a water circulating pump, complete with a fountain. This can be easily obtained from specialist shops. You could also add one or two fishes to complete the picture of perfection.
Enjoy your water garden and remember to change the water periodically if you decide against the water pump


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