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Napkin Folding

At last here's your chance to learn the much envied art of Napkin folding. And who better to teach you this art than the super Chef Uwe Micheel himself. Says Uwe Micheel, "Napkin folding is easy once you get the hang of it." So follow the step- by-step guide; remember only practice makes a man perfect; and be the most envious host/hostess in town.

Napkin folding is just another way to tell your guest how important they are. Just by doing a few basic steps before starting to fold a napkin you can get really good and perfect shapes. It is very important to press hard and crease the napkin with your hand at every stage. For best results strongly starch and iron the napkins before starting to fold.

Another thing one must keep in mind is the amount of space on the table. Few napkins take more space, while few can be neatly placed in the glasses. You can choose an arrangement depending on the space on your table.

The number of guest. This is another important thing one must keep in mind. You can choose a simple style when you have more guests and a more detailed design when you have fewer guests. Well this also depends on the amount of time you have, to spend on folding your napkins, besides the other arrangements that you have to make.

Style 1
1. Fold the napkin diagonally to get a triangle shape
2. Fold the bottom of the napkin to the top, lifting the pointed part on top.
3. Fold the sides down, two corners downwards.
4. Fold the Flaps behind.
5. Fold the Napkin along the central axis.
6. Make it stand as in the picture.

Style 2

1. Fold the napkin diagonally, to get a triangle.
2. Fold the bottom of the napkin to the top
3. Fold the sides down
4. Fold the Flaps behind
5. Fold the napkin on your side, just the opposite of what we did in the pyramid style.
6. Now you will get five layers. Lift the first four layers and adjust one under the other.
7. This presentation can either be put on the table and can also be presented in the glass.

Style 3
Candle Stick

This style can be done with one, two or three napkins. The only thing to remember is that when the guests are seated on the table make sure that you give him one napkin (white) and take the rest off the table.

1. Take a napkin and fold it diagonally.
2. Take a second Napkin put it on the first, slightly put it off centre as shown in the picture.
3. Turn it over.
4. Start rolling the napkins together. Roll, roll, and roll.
5. You are on the right roll when you notice the sides are giving you the perfect shape, just like a candlestick on both ends.
6. Now fold the napkin along the central axis and put it in glass.

Style 4

1. Take a napkin and fold it in half.
2. Start folding it, fold on fold, like children do while making a Japanese Fan.
3. Make each pleat about 3/4 inch wide.
4. Pleat only 2/3 of the napkin as in picture. Press to set.
5. Keeping the wings on top fold it in half so that the wing is doubled.
6. Now fold the top left corner down at an angle. On the right side the edges should stick about 1 inch past the fold of the napkin.
7. Fold this overlap under to secure the pleats and make the stand.
8. Fold, Press and support. And let the fan spread. Adjust folds.

Style 5
Bishop's Maitre

The Bishop's maitre is particularly striking when the napkin has contrasting stripes on the border.

1. First fold the napkin horizontally; lower edge to upper edge. Fold upper left and lower right corners diagonally to the middle.
2. Turn the napkin over so that the upper right corner is now on the lower left side.
3. Fold the napkin in the middle and lift up the hidden triangle.
4. Fold the right side to the left side and underneath the triangle.
5. Fold back the left side and tuck it into the triangle

Style 6
Bird Of Paradise

1. Fold the napkin in quarters with the four edges towards you.
2. Fold the edges up to form a triangle.
3. Fold the left and right points of the triangle to the centre and then fold the extended points under.
4. Lift the centre and hold the base - pull the four napkin edges out of the centre to create the bloom.
5. Just shape the fifth edge in the shape of the beak and put in glass.

Style 7
Rose or a flower

1. Fold the napkin in quarters with the four edges towards you.
2. Fold the edges up to form a triangle.
3. Fold the left and right points of the triangle to the centre and then fold the extended points under.
4. Hold the middle and open the two sides on the right and two on the left.
5. Shape it like petals and adjust in the glass, or on the table depending on the place.

Courtesy: Telelife

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