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Sona Mampilli, a regular freelance writer for the Friday magazine, Gulf News, in an exclusive interview with GoDubai. More about Sona

Journalism is :Megaphoning your thoughts in print
My favourite interview was :Hassan Saber, the 22-year-old Fujairah national who in spite of of being severely crippled by an accident five years ago, is running his own Belgian sweet shop( after taking a loan). A fighter!
I wish I had said that:Many a time. After the incident.
Best time of the day :2 am peace, my computer and I, and another story meets an urgent deadline. My mind is crystal clear.
Highpoint in my career :Getting an exclusive from the Bahrain Monetary Agency- everyone was after that story.
The story I did not do :Is another story. C'est la vie.
Journalism in Dubai :Is in the end the same as journalism in Mumbai.
Journalist vs sub-editor :Ideally, this should be good teamwork.
A freelancer's nightmare :The comment, " Oh, she's just a freelancer."
I enjoy :My family and work, the smell of newsprint when I walk into the office, reading and cooking.
I dislike :Moody people at work
My favourite news beat :At present- Design
My favourite author :I have many. I love reading passionately- upto 10 books a month.
My idol :Tricia Guild of Designers Guild. Might change next year.
What makes Dubai tick :Its people
My last words :Work and family- they both count.

About Sona Mampilli

Completed BA (English Litt.). Worked in ad agencies at various points in time. Sona's work in the media has been very colourful. After a brief stint as a sub editor in Onlooker, a political magazine with the Free Press Group and a 2 year job at Business World (the Ananda Bazar Patrika Group), Sona left for Bahrain in 1991 to join her husband, and worked as a business reporter for the Gulf Daily News.

A few months later, when the family shifted to Dubai, Sona initially freelanced for Gulf News and Motivate Publishing. She then joined Hilal Al Khaleej as Editorial Coordinator. A baby later, Sona freelanced for International Indian. She was offered her present column, Design with the Friday magazine, Gulf News when the magazine started. Currently, she also makes significant contributions to her sounding off column, Dubaissance for Amber, the BBME magazine.

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