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On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, RAK Diabetes Centre, Jumeirah, to set up free comprehensive eye screening camp at its premises on November 13.

  • Package includes glaucoma screening, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy screening, cataract screening, dry eye work up and vision testing.
  • Loss of vision can be delayed for as long as 30 years and even for life in some cases with the help of therapies and surgeries.
  • Pregnant women at risk of rapid worsening of diabetic retinopathy; should consult an ophthalmologist within the first 3 months.

Dubai, UAE, November 9, 2016:  Early detection and treatment of diabetes-related vision loss can reduce the risk of blindness by over 90 percent, insists Dr Mohit Jain, Specialist Ophthalmologist at RAK Diabetes Centre, Jumeirah. In order to create awareness and to drive home the eye-related dangers of diabetes, the Centre in Dubai is hosting a free comprehensive eye screening on November 13, just ahead of the World Diabetes Day. The package includes glaucoma screening, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy screening, cataract screening, dry eye work up and vision testing. Visitors can also avail tests such as dilated fundus examination, disc and retina imaging, eye pressure and refraction. The eye-check-up is scheduled from 9am to 3pm.

Diabetic retinopathy – which affects the retina of the eye, resulting into vision impairment – is one of the leading causes of blindness among working age adults, and managing the disease through a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle can go a long way in delaying vision loss. Moreover, people suffering from diabetic retinopathy should ensure comprehensive dilated eye examinations on regular basis to delay the process. Studies have proved that by controlling the disease, diabetics have successfully slowed down the onset and worsening of eyesight. 

“High level of blood sugar blocks the retinal blood flow, causing the retina to bleed and eventually damages the light-sensitive tissue,” explains Dr Jain, “Since retina is the ‘camera of our eye' that relays images to the brain, any damage to it will eventually effect our vision. However, since diabetic retinopathy does not manifest any early symptoms, most diabetics do not realise the negative effect on their vision until they start losing eyesight, which could be years after they have been diagnosed, but by then, the damage has been done. This is why eye care professionals encourage people who have been diagnosed with the disease to get their eyes examined as early as possible. Thankfully, with medical advancements, today we have a number of treatments – such as Anti-VEGF Injection Therapy and laser surgeries – that can delay vision loss for as long as 30 years and even for life in some cases.

“This is particularly critical for pregnant women who are either already diabetic or have developed it during pregnancy, since for them, retinopathy worsens at a rapid speed. Ideally, they should consult a specialist within the first three months” cautioned Dr Jain.   

Patients with Type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes (when a woman without diabetes develops high blood sugar levels during pregnancy) are at risk of retinopathy; other diabetes related disease of the eye include cataract and glaucoma. 

The UAE ranks 16th globally with over 800,000 people suffering from diabetes, mostly due to inactive, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and obesity. As per the World Health Organisation, the disease accounts for 3 percent of all deaths in the country, with men at more risk than women. With 2016 declared the year to “Beat Diabetes”, the aim is to bring down the statistics from 19 percent to 16 percent by 2021. 

The newly opened RaK Diabetes Centre, Jumeirah, offers a 360-degrees approach in the management of diabetes. It provides specifically designed programmes towards health and well-being with well-rounded teams to provide comprehensive diabetes care.

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Posted on : Wednesday, November 9, 2016  
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