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Ageing body, hurting mind

For some it is traumatic life. For others there can be a tint of happiness. It depends on the way one view life. There may be shine at the sunset of life. Or it can be dark and cloudy.

Living longer is an utopian aspiration. What comes with it has varying quality. Settling down to a peaceful retired life is a dream for many wanting to leave dreaded and humdrum jobs. But as one ages, even if there is financial security, fighting loneliness becomes a constant struggle for rest of their lives.

For some the struggle is to grapple with social exclusion. Feeling of being left out chases them. Relationship with children and other younger family members comes under strain. Awareness of being a burden on others consumes many.

Those who saved for the rainy day, may live a comfortable life, but that does not guarantee mental peace and happiness. Pension for rewarding work done during the prime of the career, does not come with the bonus of happiness.

The ageing population is growing and the health infrastructure is coming under strain. There is no more revenue from the old who once contributed to the nation's treasury in the form of taxes. Keeping them alive is a burden on the government and society. Reconciling such issues is as difficult a job as fighting the losing battle against loneliness of old age.

There is a philosophical dimension that may kindle hope for some. Ageing is in the mind as New Age guru Deepak Chopra vows. Ageing is conditioned by the mind.

May be he is right. But when children and grand-children do not care to say hello, it hurts. But it reveals a truth. Adding years to life is meaningless. Only a blessed few can add life to years. For many ageing is a curse: Physical, mental and social.

Courtesy : Gulf Today

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