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Mensa has been active in Dubai for several years and has over a hundred members with fifteen nationalities represented. Those who hope to be potential Mensans must take an intelligence test to qualify. Test sessions are held once a month and can accommodate only 20 people at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mensa for those who'd like to know more?

What is Mensa all about?

Mensa International was initiated in the U.K for people with a high intelligence quotient. It comprises entirely of people whose measured intelligence places them in the top two percent of the population.

What does Mensa mean?

Mensa is Latin for table. The Mensa logo represents a table with a globe above it. The table, implies, that irrespective of their diverse professions, all Mensans are equal at Mensa. Although it was originally termed Mens, which means mind in Latin, it was later renamed Mensa to avoid a sexist tag.

Whom can I contact in Dubai if I want to take an IQ test?

You can ring up any of the following numbers:

04- 511809
04- 524203
04- 442977
04- 669363

Leave a message stating that you would like to take the Mensa test.

Leave your name and a contact telephone number so that they can get back to you.

Your call will place you on a list of candidates and you will be informed of the date, time and place of the next testing session. If you qualify, you will be invited to join Mensa. Even if you don't, they'll let your know your result

How many attempts am I permitted to make to qualify?

You can attempt twice. There must be a gap of one year between the first test and the second.

Who can join Mensa?

Anybody who gets a 147 in their test.

Do I need to know English to take the test?

Not necessarily. The intelligence test that is used in Dubai is called a Raven test. It is a culture- fair test. To put it simply you will have to apply your mind to the symbols in your test.

What do I need to study to qualify?

Absolutely nothing. You either have a high IQ or you don't.

What do Mensa members do when they gather together for a meeting?

Mensa members always have a different theme for each meeting. They organise a lot of activities to stimulate their mind. Quizzes, Treasure hunts and debates are just some of the popular things they have on a regular basis.

Interested? But of course, you must be.
Take the Mensa test. See if you qualify.

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