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Waste no more water

Whoever named the television the "idiot box" needs to do a rethink about it. Environmentalist and junk recycling expert Gulam Ali Sajanlal, who is always on the lookout to promote new environmental ideas, was watching a Dubai television programme on air cooling when he learnt that there are about one billion tonnes of air-conditioning units in the Middle East.

The Middle East market for air-conditioners is growing and most of this equipment is re-exported from Dubai throughout the region. He calculated that with a 1.5 tonne air-conditioning unit giving out eight gallons of water in 15 working hours, one billion tonnes of airconditioners working the same number of hours would be producing 5.33 billion gallons of water.

Sajanlal demonstrated this fact for The Gulf Today by measuring water output from his office five tonne air-conditioning unit with a 200 ml cup which was filled to the brim in barely 1.5 minutes. He said the sad part is that this water is wasted in the Middle East.

If this is trapped and used for irrigation purposes, the sandy deserts in Arabia would bloom with greenery. The peak summer season witnesses high use of air cooling equipment. The water is condensed from the humidity in the air and is very fertile, he said, adding that using this water means a "win-win" situation as plants get their water supply and the remaining water goes towards restocking the ground water table. Besides, this water is free from side-effects - unlike desalinated or other water - and can be treated and bottled for drinking purposes if collected in a proper manner, he said.

Courtesy: Gulf Today

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