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DP World unveils 'Dubai Trade' cargo services


DUBAI: Global marine terminal operator DP World has announced the launch of online General Cargo services for customers at its flagship Jebel Ali Port.

These services come through 'Dubai Trade'; the e-Service platform operated by the leading business facilitator, and will cover export booking, berth booking and creation of shipping notes.

The new online services will eliminate time-consuming manual procedures and facilitate easier and faster business flow. This is in line with the port operator's increased focus on transferring all customer-related documentation and payment processes to the electronic platform.

"By releasing online General Cargo services, DP World, UAE Region has taken another major step in improving customer satisfaction. Dubai Trade's online platform has already brought us closer to clients in many areas. In addition to making procedures easier for customers, the services will help us achieve better results through speed and higher levels of efficiency," DP World, UAE Region, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Mohammed Al Muallem said.

"We are pleased to be part of another highly useful initiative by DP World, UAE Region. The launch of the new online services will impact positively on the company's activities. 'Dubai Trade' has proved the effectiveness of electronic services towards enhancing business flow through several products. We are proud to be associated with DP World in its efforts to achieve technological excellence in order to satisfy the needs of customers," Director of 'Dubai Trade', Mahmood Al Bastaki said.

Online Export Booking will enable cargo agents to book exports and nominate the shipping line through 'Dubai Trade', providing all the basic details about the consignment.

Similarly, Berth Booking can be done through 'Dubai Trade', which will enable online planning and scheduling of a berth at the port, based on the estimated time of the ship's arrival.

The new services also include online creation of the Shipping Note, which is the document for each shipment detailing the booking reference needed for receipt of an export container or export break bulk cargo in port.

These processes are the latest in a series of steps DP World, UAE Region has taken in collaboration with 'Dubai Trade' to enhance customer services. In 2008, online payment of port charges and opening of a deposit account were enabled through Dubai Trade's Rosoom platform.

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