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Feng Shui and Business

Your product/service is competitive, you have done all the promotion in the right markets and yet your business is slow and your are going deeper and deeper into debts. Isn't it high time you consider other factors that might influence or determine your success? In this article, we will learn how Feng Shui (tools) can be used to enhance businesses.

Wealth Bowl
Place a wealth bowl in a cupboard. The ceramic or crystal bowl can be round, oval or gourd shaped with a narrow opening. The narrow opening will ensure that the wealth enters easily but goes out with difficulty. Fill this bowl with the nine Chinese coins tied together and placed in a red coloured packet. Also add some real money, semi precious stones, pearls, and crystal like beads, real gold or fake gold ingots - till the brim. Turn over the contents of the bowl once a year to activate it.

Sailing Ship
The sailing ship is another symbolic way of increasing wealth at the office. Place a model of a sailing ship, preferably with sails, close to the main door, with the ship pointing inwards to signify it coming into the office. Never have it facing outwards, as this will take away your wealth. Stack up fake gold ingots in the ship. Alternatively you can use coins and money.

Dragons and plants
The dragon has been a symbol of good fortune. Place nine dragons in the east of the office. Energise the east and southeast sectors with lush green plants to activate it. Ensure that the plants are healthy, remove dead and dried leaves. A fountain or pond that flows towards the direction of the main door is also good. Place the fountain / pond to the left of the door and never directly in front of it. The sound of flowing water should be gentle. However, in this case, the main door should be in the east, northeast or north directions. Add life to the fountain or pond with fish, terrapins and plants. For support at work, place a picture of a mountain behind your chair. Ensure that the peak is not too pointed and that there is no water in the picture. Water in the picture signifies lost opportunities.

Three Chinese coins with red thread can be tied to the order or invoice book. You can also use nine coins, as this is the auspicious number.

Beware Poison Arrows
For showrooms or retail businesses, ensure that the shop is in a busy place and not at the end of a road or a T-junctions or intersections. The building and the shop entrance should have a big and visible entrance with no poison arrows being thrown at the door.

The illusion of space
Mirrors can be used to give the shop a spacious look and to attract luck. The mirrors can be placed on the sides of the showroom or on the back wall, provided that the main door is not reflected.

Coins and colour
You can place the three coins in the cash box and also hang a good luck bell on the main door. Using the appropriate colour can create an auspicious main door; this depends on the direction in which the main door is located.

Bright lighting close to the main entrance attracts Chi'i. The sound of the tinkling bell activates energy.

Buldings on Columns
For business houses, ensure that the building is square or rectangular in shape to avoid missing corners. The building should have a clearly marked main entrance and a spacious lobby. Buildings that are built over columns create problems as the energy flows below it rather than into the building.

Corporate Logos
Feng Shui can be used to design corporate logos too. Use a logo that is considered to bring good fortune. The five elements need to be considered based on the business you are in and accordingly incorporated into the design of your logo. Logos should not have too many lines that represent arrows. If possible avoid abstract logos too. Use colours appropriately and avoid too much of Yin or Yang in the colours. A balance must be achieved through the use of colours. Similarly, the same principle can be translated to the interiors, visiting cards, stationery that is used in the office.

The Power Corner
The M.D. or CEO or G.M. should be seated in a position that has good Feng Shui, as this will ensure that the others and the whole company benefits. The person should be seated inside the office, more towards the interiors that closer to the entrance. The power corner of the office is the ideal place. The person must face his or her best direction. The regular rules must be applied here - never sit with back towards the window, never sit under a beam and keep your desk free of clutter.

It is recommended that one should read books on Feng Shui or, if possible, consult a practitioner before following these rules.

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