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Guide To Internet Shopping

Secure Shopping
Safety Tips
Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Internet Shopping is open 24 hours, seven days per week. It's convenient - you can buy whatever you want without leaving your home. It opens up whole new world of goods that might not be available locally.

The Internet has revolutionised the entire concept of shopping. As more of us become Net savvy, there has been a substantial increase in the number of Middle East consumers using Internet shopping sites. So it essential to be aware of how to find the goods you are looking for and how to ensure all your transactions are secure.

Need to know
For those who are new to the process of shopping on the Internet, it is best to start with a shopping agent such as 'The Internet Shopping Directory', CompareNet (, Virtual Outlet ( or Bottomdollar ( If you know exactly what you want, you could type in your request into a centralised database and visit sites or entries that crop up after your request.

Secure shopping
You take the same risks using the Internet as with any mail order shopping but there are mechanisms in place to protect your safety. A good sign that a cyber-shop is serious about security is if it uses a secure server - this encrypts your details and makes them almost impossible to intercept.

Although the internet has, no doubt, become popular as a medium of communication for commercial organisations they can not ignore the fact that almost 90 per cent of Internet users remain concerned about credit card security. Internet fraud is expected to grow in the future in the Middle East as more consumers in the Gulf move to online purchasing. In most parts of the United States, there now exists an address verification system otherwise known as AVS online to authenticate a cardholder's identity.

Safety tips for internet use

To Prevent Credit Card Fraud
Shebabrata Shaha, a credit card officer at Lloyds TSB in Dubai, reminds cardholders of a few essential safety measures that should be followed to prevent credit card fraud over the Internet.

  • "Entries on the credit card statements should be reconciled with sales voucher receipts to ensure that the correct transactions have been processed and banks should be notified of any discrepancies immediately.
  • Purchases through mail order, the Internet or by the telephone should be undertaken with reputable companies.
  • Consumers should not be afraid of using their cards but should be responsible for ensuring that they do follow the basic security guidelines."
  • In addition to being aware of credit card safety, consumers should be aware of other risks -watch out for being overcharged by the company, or regularly billed for a subscription you've cancelled.
  • If you do run into any problems contact your bank immediately - if they won't help, cancel the credit card immediately and shift your money.
    Article courtesy:
    Arabian Woman
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